The High Tunnel is Up!!!

Remember these pretty frames from over by Omaha?  Well we’ve made something of one of them. During our set of nice days, before the rain and snow, we got this tunnel completed! We had some great help putting up garage doors and walk in doors. Here we are putting on the roll down sides.  TheyContinue reading “The High Tunnel is Up!!!”

CSA Signups are open!! Get your weekly supply of veggies.

I hope you are as excited as we are…it’s time to sign up for your weekly bag of vegetables! If you ate your veggies as part of the 2012/2013/2014 CSA, you should already have received a flyer and signup sheet in the mail.  If you are new or looking for a different way to signContinue reading “CSA Signups are open!! Get your weekly supply of veggies.”

Filling the Greenhouse

It is a wonderful reprieve to have such wonderful weather in March.  I think we’ve all been waiting to break out of the cold snap and it’s really made us productive during the last week.  The entire family participated in filling up much of the greenhouse.  It all started with a soil delivery that cameContinue reading “Filling the Greenhouse”